We are honoured to have been recognized among the Winning Companies 2021, o program of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, now in its third edition, which enhances entrepreneurial excellence as a model for the growth of the Italian economy.

Walter Tosto spa was awarded in the session dedicated to “People and Human Capital”, where 14 winning companies received the prize: Astelav (Turin), Aton (Treviso), Beantech (Udine), Bending Spoons (Milan), Bonomi Industries (Brescia), Fapim (Lucca), Irion (Turin), Metaltecnica (Novara), Minifaber (Bergamo), Sogedim (Milan), Steel Tech (Bari), Telebit (Pordenone), Walter Tosto spa (Chieti) and Zeta Service ( Milan).

We thank Intesa Sanpaolo for this important recognition aimed at the centrality of human capital, a factor of vital importance, strongly linked to the company’s know-how and obviously to creditworthiness.