We are delighted to present a new achievement: a colossal Vacuum Column weighting 400 tons, with dimensions of 50 meters in length and 10 meters of diameter. The supply of this remarkable component was appointed to Walter Tosto by ENPPI, a major engineering, EPC main contractor and management contractor in the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industries.

The Vacuum Column will be installed in the distillate hydrotreating unit of ANOPC, the Assiut National Oil Processing Company of Egypt.

Among the various equipment manufactured for this project, the Vacuum Column stands out as one of the most critical components. The item presented considerable complexity, not only due to its significant size but also to the numerous internal and external supports.

The Assiut Hydrocracking Complex, where the Vacuum Column will be utilized, aims to transform ANOPC’s existing refinery fuel oil into more valuable products while enhancing the quality of their middle distillates. Embracing the zero-fuel oil concept, the AHC design strives to maximize diesel production while minimizing the production of light ends, excluding LPG. The ultimate output of the AHC will encompass LPG, Naphtha, Diesel, Coke and Sulphur.

Back in January Walter Tosto had previously delivered a DHTU reactor for the same project.