We are truly honoured for having received a very special visit: Mr. Jan Panek, European Commission Director, Mr. Massimo Garribba, Deputy Director-General European Commission, Mr. Benoit Fourestie, Technical Expertise for ITER Project Governance European Commission, Mr. Jean-Marc Filhol, Director of Fusion For Energy and Mr. Alessandro Bonito Oliva, Iter Delivery Division 1 Director.

Welcomed by Walter Tosto’s Managers, the delegates visited on January 27, 2023 our nuclear shops in Chieti and Ortona in order to observe the construction progress of the ITER Vacuum Vessel.

We took part in the ITER project in 2010, when Fusion For Energy assigned to the AMW consortium (Ansaldo – Mangiarotti – Walter Tosto) the manufacturing of five sectors of the Vacuum Vessel. Since then we started a virtuous path towards know-how improvement, technological development and products qualitative excellence. Today we are proud for showing the excellent work performed by our team to the most authoritative personality in Politics and in the Nuclear industry” Said Massimiliano Tacconelli, Nuclear Program Manager at Walter Tosto SpA.