Walter Tosto is pleased to inform you that it has been recognized as a sustainable company from the “Carta di Pescara”, scoring the highest score in the evaluation scale, that is, the advanced level.

The company has also been an active part in the project since the implementation stage. Carta di Pescara is an agreement drawn up by the Abruzzo Region together with companies, universities, MiSe, European Community authorities and social partners. This agreement offers to the participating companies, which are in line with the principles and the sustainable industry targets, a partnership program with the region that recognizes them specific advantages.

In view of this commitment, the Abruzzo Region identifies the benefits in terms of:

• procedural simplifications;

• reduction of administrative, fiscal and tax burdens;

• financial benefits;

• supporting legislation.

The identified sustainability requirements are 61: the number is particularly high in order to obtain maximum adherence to the principles, values ​​and advantages of the agreement as well as the range of membership level. Depending on the numbers and quality requirements, a different level of membership is recognized: basic, intermediate, advanced.

In the basic level, the company has at least 1 basic requirement for all categories of sustainability (environmental, economic and social);

The intermediate level is obtained by achieving 2 intermediate requirements of environmental sustainability + at least 1 intermediate requirement of social sustainability and 1 economic requirement;

The advanced level is achieved with at least 3 advanced requirements of environmental sustainability + at least 1 advanced social and economic requirement + at least 1 intermediate requirement of social and economic sustainability.