It is made of brains, ideas and above all of people, the winning team of Walter Tosto SpA. All the efforts has been rewarded by Fluor Corporation, one of the most influential partner of the sector.

In the scope of the “Supplier pre-qualification and requalification” program, Fluor Corporation pays particular attention to those companies which, like Walter Tosto, are already part of their business partners entourage, by addressing them particular business opportunities.

The Italian company has indeed been involved in the American group, thanks to the trust relationship, strengthened all over the years.

“This renewed trust”-  says Luca Tosto, Walter Tosto’s Managing Director- “give us new incentives and rewards, because we are conscious of the great opportunities this can bring at a worldwide level“.

Fluor’s delegates, who have visited the workshops in Italy from March 4th to 6th 2014, and the new workshop in Romania on March 12th and 13th , expressed their appreciation for the treatment received at any level and for the total involvement of the Management. They felt part of a very competent and enthusiastic group, which is inclined to constant improvement.

They did not miss the chance to underline (in their words) “the excellent and perfect quality of the work . Solid business, quality of projects, competences, availability and know how”. These are the ingredients which contributed to Fluor’s decision of renewing their appreciation for Walter Tosto SpA.

“We found a continuously evolving company, which, also with the new workshop in Romania, has demonstrated the capability to invest with perseverance and to look forward” says one of the delegates – “and we are fascinated for the always future oriented vision the team expressed so far”.