We are delighted to announce that the Tosto Group, in compliance with its constant commitment to sustainability, has joined the United Nations Global Compact, “the most strategic corporate initiative in the world”, born at the aim to promote a more inclusive and sustainable global economy.

At this purpose, the UN Global Compact requires participating companies and organizations to share and apply in their sphere of influence, a set of fundamental principles, human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and fight against corruption.

By joining the Global Compact, the Tosto Group aims to integrate the ten principles into the decision-making and operational processes to support the United Nations objectives, including the sustainable development goals (SDGs). It also undertakes to draw up an annual communication on the progress made in an integrated form within the Sustainability Report.


Specifically, the Global Compact principles are:

Human rights

Companies are required to comply with the following principles:

Principle I

Promote and respect universally accepted human rights within their respective spheres of influence;

Principle II

Not being, even indirectly, accomplices in human rights abuses.



Companies are required to comply with the following principles:

Principle III

Support workers freedom of association and recognize the right reported in collective bargaining agreements;

Principle IV

Elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor;

Principle V

Effective elimination of child labor;

Principle VI

Elimination of all forms of discrimination regarding employment and profession.


Companies are required to:

Principle VII

Adopt a preventive approach to environmental challenges;

Principle VIII

Undertake greater environmental responsibility;

Principle IX

Encourage the development and dissemination of technologies that respect the environment.


Fight against corruption

Principle X

Companies are committed to fighting corruption, extortion and bribery in all its forms.

“This is a further responsible step forward to integrate sustainability into the daily work of our Group, made up of companies capable of generating value not only for today’s stakeholders but also in a long term view. Participation in the Global Compact also provides the opportunity to generate synergies with other entrepreneurs on a global level, a shared project to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” says Luca Tosto, Managing Director of Walter Tosto SpA.