Walter Tosto’s staff is anytime available for any question or information request. E-mail addresses and phone numbers of the responsibles for each business area are reported below.


Walter Tosto Italy

Receptionist +39.0871.5801 +39.0871.580399

Walter Tosto WTB

Romania +40-31.420.10.60

WTS Gas Spa

GPL Service 800 85 85 00
Divisione Oil & Gas
Nicola Trivulzio Sales Director phone +39.0871.580324
phone +39.335.6418264
Adone Luciani Area Sales Manager
India – China – Far East – Asia – Australia
phone +39.0871.580367
phone +39 3357771847
Francesco Aiello Area Sales Manager
North & South America
phone +39.0871.580314
phone +39.335.6418261
Marco Foti Area Sales Manager
East and West Europe – Middle East – Africa
phone +39.0871.580332
phone +39.335.375952
Anna Manitenko Sales Assistant
CIS Countries
phone +39.0871.580333 email


Power Division
Massimiliano Tacconelli  Nuclear Program Manager phone +39.0871.580416 email


Food & Pharma Division
Carlo Costanzo Commercial Director phone +39.0871.580214
phone +39.335.1007484
Paolo Mambella Area Sales Manager phone +39.0871.580212 email


Lpg & Fuels Division
Emanuela Tosto Commercial Director phone +39.0871.580536 email
Paolo Mambella Commercial Director phone +39.0871.580212 email


Andrea Tina Purchasing Dept. phone +39.0871.580414 email


Marketing & Communication
Massimiliano Pucci Marketing & Communication email
Roberta Marinaro Qualification Processes Management phone +39.0871.580323 email


GPL Service – WTS GAS SpA
phone  Free Line: 800 85 85 00 email

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