Today we are in Brussels with NuclearEurope – the Association promoting the use of nuclear energy in Europe – in order to contribute to the activation of an European partnership for the development and construction of Small Modular Reactor (SMR) plants.
The SMRs are small, safe and efficient state-of-the-art nuclear plants that will play a key role in Europe for energy transition and in the “zero emissions” project.
In the presence of the Director DG Ener Directorate Jan Panek and more than one hundred among the most important European operators in the sector, Walter Tosto has been invited to take part in the round table as a leading manufacturer of critical components for nuclear plants. Massimiliano Tacconelli, Nuclear Program Manager of the company, shared some business experiences acquired during the virtuous path towards technological development and products qualitative excellence, essential requirements of every nuclear project.
The Manager has also highlighted the importance of collaboration between the company, technical institutes and local universities to encourage the cultivation of young talents and to forge professionals who can inherit an important wealth of skills.