The training day dedicated to Electron Beam Welding organized by the Italian Institute of Welding in collaboration with Walter Tosto SpA was an important study opportunity.

During the morning, speakers from important national (ENEA, National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Walter Tosto) and international (International Institute of Welding – IIW and ProBeam) bodies presented their speeches.

The rich program of interventions concluded in the afternoon, followed by practical demonstrations performed with the Eletron Beam Machine, at one of our production plants. More in detail, these demonstrations were carried out with the execution of an incision and a welding performed on a titanium piece (gr. 1, thickness: 9.6 mm, welding length: 400mm).

We warmly thank the Italian Institute of Welding for choosing Walter Tosto as partner of the event, the speakers for sharing important technical information as well as all the participants – more than 80 – for having actively contributed to the success of the day.