Bucharest, Romania, July 1st to 3rd, 2015. The workshop “Supply Chain Partnering Cernavoda ¾ Project“, promoted by the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) and the Romanian Atomic Forum Association (ROMATOM) was the venue for an important agreement signed by the two organizations on the updating of the project on the Romanian nuclear power plant Cernavoda 3/4 Candu.

The conference was introduced by the Canadian Ambassador in Romania, Joanne Lemay and Mihnea Constantinescu, Energy Advisor of the Prime Minister of Romania.

The event was attended by the major international suppliers of nuclear components,  engineering and research companies, services suppliers and professional associations.

During his speech, Giacomo Fossataro, General Manager of Walter Tosto SpA, presented the WTB workshop based in Bucharest, which received particular attention for its enormous potential as a possible national manufacturer of critical equipment for the Romanian nuclear power plant.