Walter Tosto SpA obtains the renewal of the legality rating from the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), which increased the score assigned in 2017 from “★★ +” to “★★ ++”.

The Legality Rating is a recognition conferred by the AGCM in order to reward companies that operate according to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility.

The score awarded ranges from a minimum of one to a maximum of three “stars” and can be increased by a “+” for each additional requirement the company complies with. The achievement of three “+” entails the attribution of an additional star, up to a maximum score of ★★★.

“We are proud for having obtained once again the upgrade of the legality rating, which since 2015 confirms our commitment to continuous improvement, in compliance with the principles of transparency and fairness towards all the company stakeholders” commented Luca Pierfelice , CFO of Walter Tosto SpA.