The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, travelling in Abruzzo for an official visit, landed by helicopter yesterday in Chieti, in order to meet Walter Tosto’s staff: with its international projects, 49 new-hires in 2015 and further 50 planned by 2016, the company indeed represents a tangible example of the positive effects of the jobs act.

Renzi was welcomed by all the personnel of Walter Tosto, accompanied by the President of the Abruzzo Region, Luciano D’Alfonso. All the highest authorities were also present to the event: the government official Federica Chiavaroli, the Prefect Antonio Corona, the mayor of Chieti Umberto Di Primio, local administrators, the police, the Rector and the professors of the University G. D’Annunzio and the Archbishop Bruno Forte.

“Thank you for creating jobs. The excellence of Walter Tosto shows us the remarkable results achieved with the new reforms introduced by the government in the last two years”, said the prime minister during his speech at the company.

Our company strongly believes on the high quality of human resources” explained Luca Tosto, CEO of Walter Tosto, “the labor and school reforms are producing excellent results and we intend to continue this way“.

The entrepreneur and the president, in a synergetic view on the bureaucracy simplification issues and on the need to improve infrastructures, said goodbye by looking to the future with optimism and determination.