Activities in Hydrogen

Walter Tosto has fully acknowledged and is supporting the concept of transition towards Green Technologies in response to existing environmental concerns.

In this regards our goal is to cooperate with Main Process Licensors, engineering companies and Hydrogen producers in a synergic manner, through the sharing of our consolidated experience and capabilities, in all technical aspects for the up-scaling of the emerging technologies as well as for the manufacturing of proprietary equipment.

Walter Tosto has built a software library to be involved in the activities related with design and / or industrialization of complex items together with licensors and process technology owners.

Thanks to its know-how in the manufacturing of long lead critical items ledge, over 60 years of experience, unique facilities and manpower resources, Walter Tosto can possibly optimize the design solutions and materials as well as identify the possible opportunities for the improvement of manufacturing activities.

By considering the challenges such as cost reduction, material substitution, volume manufacturing etc. Walter Tosto can take a proactive role in the potential development of static equipment to boost the renewable Hydrogen production. This approach and interest are considered irrespective of the size of the equipment for the new technology initiatives

European level

Walter Tosto is an active member of the some working groups:

  • water transport
  • production
  • industry
  • mobility

Walter Tosto is participating to the meetings to discuss strategy and position of Hydrogen Europe for the efforts on the transition to climate-neutral society. Another activity is co-drafting projects together with the related partners when possible.

The signing of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance confirms Walter Tosto’s desire to take a proactive role and be a part of the investment projects to deliver the objectives set out in the Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe.

Within the Alliance, Walter Tosto will work together with the potential partners to accelerate the deployment of zero carbon hydrogen solutions at various industrial applications and energy systems.

Our company participates as a member in the first European International Working Group activated by ASME – The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers – dedicated to piping, pipeline, accessories, valves and fittings for hydrogen. The EU IWG B31.12 initiative, coordinated by the ASME Liaison for Europe and Middle East, Giancarlo Gobbi, aims to share new technological developments globally and review the ASME B31.12 Code, i.e. the standard for hydrogen piping and pipelines (both new and repurposed).

Working group members from different countries in Europe contribute to the development of the code on a voluntary basis by leveraging their specific hydrogen expertise in engineering, fabrication and construction, distribution, materials and test laboratories.

The activities of the members are then shared with the ASME Committees which elaborate the standards and guidelines aimed at defining the criteria that guarantee safety and reliability in hydrogen usage to produce clean energy.

Walter Tosto SpA participates at the Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme (Hydrogen TCP) founded by the International Energy Agency. In this program the company is contributing to the works of  Task 44: Hydrogen from Nuclear Energy.

National level

Walter Tosto is one of the members of Italian Chemical Engineering Association.

The company has contributed to the preparation of position papers in Hydrogen, Sustainable Chemistry and CO2 capture and reutilization to contribute to the national energy strategy.

Walter Tosto is one of the partners of Scientific and Technological Park of Abruzzo (PSTd’A).

PSTd’A is offering an area of around 15 hectares for the installation and management of pilot plants including numerous laboratories for mechanical tests and chemical analyses.

Walter Tosto supports AIPE, the Italian Association of Pressure Equipment manufacturers,  to encourage the industrialization of various technologies within H2IT.

Innovation and Commercial Activities in Hydrogen

Walter Tosto strongly believes in the importance of research and innovation to build a new social, sustainable and inclusive economy along with business growth and development.

By integrating R&D and innovation together with business development, we build the structure for running R&D activities in Hydrogen, to develop and improve products and processes for creating business and support our customers with top-quality products and value-added services to address Energy, Climate, Resources, Circularity and Sustainability.

Please visit the links where you can find more information about R&D projects related with renewable Hydrogen production and application and the activities of Walter Tosto in these projects:

Additionally, Walter Tosto performs various industrial research, studies and customer support activities for long-term high pressure hydrogen storage tanks.