Walter Tosto SpA, by means of its Nuclear Power Division, has been taking part in important Big Science projects, which are characterized by high funding, long periods of time, coordinated groups of scientists and technicians as well as big laboratories equipped with tools and machines specifically manufactured for the project.


The most important research program in the nuclear field, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor represents the ultimate innovation in the development of the Fusion for Energy and it is committed to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of the fusion as an energy source.

Vacuum Vessel

As member of AMW Consortium, WT is manufacturing EU Vacuum Vessel Sectors (the heart of the Tokamak) resulting in five sectors of double wall chamber of 650 Tons each, made in austenitic stainless steel with precise dimension.

Divertor Cassette Bodies

Cassette bodies are massive and contorted structures of the divertors system weighting close to 5 tonnes. Prototype manufacturing began in 2013 under two contracts awarded by Fusion for Energy: Five years later Walter Tosto had finalized a real-size, fully functional prototype, opening the way for series production to begin.
Walter Tosto will indeed manufacture 15 cassette bodies by 2024 (delivery date).


This is the ITER satellite project, aimed at a more rapid execution of the world research program on nuclear fusion. Walter Tosto was appointed by ENEA to manufacture 18 (+2 spare) toroidal field (TF) coils to contain the toroidal magnet coils for the Tokamak JT-60 SA machine which, starting from 2020 – start up date – will contain the plasma at very high temperatures, necessary to generate the fusion reaction.

Dark Side Project

A program of experiments based on innovative detectors, aiming to bring dark-matter detection to a new level of sensitivity. Walter Tosto collaborated with Princeton University and INFN (National Institute of Nuclear) in co-engineering and manufacturing of all the mechanical components including Cryostat, Scintillator, Screen W-Tank and Service vessels.


A research experiment for the observation of low-energy solar neutrinos. Walter Tosto took part in the Borexino project for the supply of a huge precise sphere in Pure 316 LN installed underground and several service equipment for the distillation and management of process fluids.