Project Progress: ongoing

Start date 
July 20, 2020

End date
December 31, 2023

Sito Ufficiale [Under Construction]

Fund line
Fund for Sustainable Growth – “Smart Factory” Section

Axis I, Action 1.1.3 PON Enterprises and competitiveness 2014 – 2020, referred to D.M. 5 March 2018 Chapter III

Project Objectives: The research project aims at the development of an evolutionary and adaptive paradigm of production and sustainable mobility of large machining and equipment characterizing the pressure vessel industry. An itinerant, modular and intelligent prototype of an “overseas workshop” is planned – according to the Industry 4.0 logic  – with a strong economic and environmental impact on logistics.

Role of Walter Tosto SpA: Lead Partner. Activities: design and construction of the modular structure, design and development of the new production process, design and construction of the material handling system.

Company resources involved: 20

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