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Start date
January 1st, 2017

End Date
June 30,  2021

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UE Programme: NMBP Nanotechn., Adv Materials, Adv Manufacturing and Processing, and Biotech

Project type: IA – Innovation Action

Grant Agreement: N. 721045

Project Objectives: The project aims to introduce a series of innovative materials in order to increase the performance of atmospheric tower concentrating solar power (CSPs), to make them commercially competitive in the energy market after 2020.

Walter Tosto SpA role: Support for prototypes design and modeling, development and qualifications of special processes required for the manufacture of prototypes, in particular welding of experimental materials, purchase of materials, manufacture and assembly of prototypes, prototypes testing in workshop, support for the installation of prototypes and execution of tests on site, support for market analysis and impact of project results in the thermal storage and high temperature steels industry, support for standardization and use of project results, support for the dissemination and communication of project results.

Company resources involved: 16

Duration: 48 months

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