Start date
December 1, 2016

End Date
December 31,  2020

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MISE, Bando Ricerca di Sistema – CSEA – TIPO B

Project Objectives: Construction of a small-scale electrical and thermal energy production plant from biomass (minimum 25 kWe, 55 kWth). The implementation involves the use of steam gasification technology, with a double fluidized bed.

Role of Walter Tosto SpA: Lead Partner. Activities: detailed mechanical design, choice of materials (steels, refractory, insulation) in order to ensure high efficiency and resistance of the gasifier at high process temperatures, reducing and oxidizing environments and thermal cycles due to the ignition and shutdown phases. Implementation of the air conditioning and treatment system of the gas leaving the gasifier.
The company also deals with the optimization of the plant layout, located within Walter Tosto facilities, as well as the production process for the industrialization of the product.

Company resources involved: 10

Duration: 36 months

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