The selections for the next edition of the Welding Course in Walter Tosto are now open. The 240 hours course is completely free and it is intended for 20 young people with the following requirements:

  • Having completed compulsory education and preferably having obtained a technical or professional degree;
  • be aged between 18 and 24;
  • be resident in the Chieti-Pescara area or within a maximum distance of 25 km from Chieti Scalo or Ortona;
  • have a healthy and robust physical constitution;
  • have a standard body mass index;
  • must not wear glasses or in any case must not have vision problems or dust allergies.

Those registered on the lists of Italian law 68/99 (disabled and protected categories) will gain a further score, subject to the validity of the requirements mentioned above, without which it will not be possible to be admitted.

In order to apply you can send your curriculum vitae by e-mail to the address job@waltertosto.it, by writing in the subject field “APPLICATION FOR WELDING COURSE”.