Manufacturing of the firsts ITER Divertor Cassette bodies

We are proud to announce that Walter Tosto has signed with Fusion 4 Energy (F4E), the EU organization managing the European contribution of the ITER international project, a new contract for the manufacturing of the first cassette bodies for the ITER Divertor, the lower part of the nuclear fusion experimental reactor.

This is a new chapter of the ITER project for Walter Tosto, who has been taking part in the program since 2010, suppling some sectors of the Vacuum Vessel, and has now been reconfirmed by Fusion for Energy for the fabrication of the Divertor Cassettes.

It will take five years to manufacture these components, which will measure 0.8 x 2.3 x 3.5 meters, with a weight of 8 tons each. Due to the very strict tolerances required by the project, extreme precision in machining, high expertise in welding and inspection are necessary.

Patrick Lorenzetto, F4E’s head of the In-Vessel project team said: “Europe is now ready to proceed with the manufacturing of the first series of the Iter Divertor cassettes bodies. This is the outcome of the very good collaboration between the various teams in F4E, Iter Organization and the companies involved“.

"Dressed" column for plant in Croatia

The plated column sent from the port of Ortona (Italy) last week has just arrived in the city of Rijeka, Croatia.
The item of over 250 tons of weight, 50 meters in length and 7 meters in diameter, crossed the Adriatic sea on a barge to reach the destination port.
This particular “dressed” column, or insulated to use a more technical term, has been delivered to our client complete with interior and plastic wrapping and it is now ready to be put into operation at the INA refinery In Rijeka.

Television troupe to visit Walter Tosto

This morning we received a visit from the RAI television’s crew who shot a service on the new training course for “Industry 4.0 Technicians”, activated by Walter Tosto in collaboration with the ITS Energy Efficiency (ITSEE) of L’Aquila.

The well-known RAI journalist Nino Germano interviewed the General Manager of Walter Tosto, Giacomo Fossataro, the President of ITSEE Carlo Imperatore and the students in the classroom. The tv show will be broadcast on TGR Buongiorno Regione in February 2019. Stay tuned to learn more!

Business Lounge Opening Meeting - Abruzzo Airport

The first inaugural meeting at the new Airport Business Lounge sponsored by Walter Tosto SpA took place this morning.

The opening meeting was held between the managers of Walter Tosto, Luca Tosto and Luca Pierfelice with the managers of the Bank “Banca Nazionale del Lavoro” (BNP Paribas Group). Present for the latter, Dr. Stefano Santi, Network Sales coordinator, Antonio Ferrari Nasi, Head of Corporate Relations and Genni Urru, Global Market Corporate Network. Luca Tosto said: “We are pleased to inaugurate the Walter Tosto Business Lounge in the presence of BNPP, a trusted partner that has been collaborating with us for over 40 years”, and added: “Pescara Airport is a great resource not only for Abruzzo but more generally for central Italy, representing a crossroads of cultures, commercial and relational exchanges “.

In the same day, the inauguration of the new boarding gates took place, which will enable the airport to further increase passengers traffic by 70%. The President of S.A.G.A. Enrico Paolini and the vice president of the Abruzzo Region Silvio Paolucci attended the inauguration ceremony together with the airport staff who worked constantly to ensure the success of the initiative.

Training Day and Christmas lunch

Yesterday December 21, 2018 the second edition of the Training Day for Walter Tosto’s employees took place. A reconfirmed formula after last year’s success, but completely renewed in terms of presentations and contents.

The event,presented and moderated by the coach Alessandro Maturo, was a moment for sharing consolidated values, experiences and future goals. To bring their testimonies, the Managing Director Luca Tosto, the President Walter Tosto, the managers Giacomo Fossataro, Massimiliano Tacconelli, Nicola Trivulzio and Luca Pierfelice, the project manager Simona Di Battista and Stefano Rossi of the nuclear division. Each of the speakers wanted to leave an important “take away” message to the audience, making the event rich of emotions and food for thought. At the end of the day, the corporate Christmas lunch was an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming holidays together and to exchange greetings.

Walter Tosto to welcome 25 future industry 4.0 technicians

This morning the first lesson for the students of the course “Industry 4.0 technician: design and manufacture of critical systems for the Energy sector” took place at Walter Tosto’s headquarters. The training course was organized by Walter Tosto in collaboration with the Technical Institute for Energy Efficiency of L’Aquila (ITSEE) and it is addressed to graduates in the chemical and mechanical fields.

It is a highly innovative project aimed at recruitment in the company for those who will positively pass the program. More than 50 applications were received, and among these, 25 people were selected and admitted to the 1800-hours course, including classroom lessons, laboratory activities and internships, both in Italy and abroad.

Quality: positive results for the renewal audit of the SELO certification

The audit carried out by the team of Chinese inspectors CSEI for the renewal of the SELO certification, requested by the Chinese government for manufacturing and export of pressure equipment, was successful.

After 4 days of audit, the Chinese team leader declared: “Walter Tosto is one of the best companies I have ever visited in Europe in terms of quality and facilities”.

Mario Maresca, Quality Manager of Walter Tosto SpA commented: “We look forward to obtaining this latest certification, which will allow Walter Tosto to continue to be an important player in the manufacturing of critical components for China”.

At the end of the meeting, the Chinese team wished the company’s staff to further develop the business in China and made an appointment to 2022 for the next renewal of the certification.

Tosto Group and UBI Banca together for Foreign Markets opportunities

Chieti, Italy –  November 28, 2018. The Tosto Group was invited to attend the convention organized by UBI Banca entitled “Towards Foreign Markets”, dedicated to internationalization and addressed to forward-looking entrepreneurs.

The event took place in Chieti at the UBI Banca Conference Room. Speakers included representatives of the Casablanca and New York Offices, who spoke about internationalization opportunities with a focus on North America and North Africa.

Walter Tosto spa, invited to the Convention as a leading company for the Abruzzo region economy and consolidate exporter, was pleased to bring its own testimony about its success in foreign markets. Luca Pierfelice, C.F.O. of the company, said: “The relationship with UBI Unione Banche Italiane was born recently, following the incorporation of the former Banca Popolare di Ancona, but since the beginning we noticed a good feeling. The Bank has a strong foreign derivation and our company is totally export oriented. I’m sure we’ll do great things together”.