The production is carried out in 8 workshops having a total covered area of 76.000 sqm and an uncovered area of 257.500 sqm. In all the main workshops there is a furnace for heat treatment operations, the largest one (10x11x28m) is installed in the Ortona yard, our plant on the Adriatic sea.
The company carries out its activities on a total area of over 400.000 sqm. Six of the eight workshops are located in Chieti Scalo (CH) in Erasmo...
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Ortona Italy
Walter Tosto SpA owns one sea-front workshop directly located in the Ortona Port area, on the Adriatic Sea. It allows us to assembly and ship in...
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București Romania
Walter Tosto WTB, our subsidiary located in Bucharest, operates in the nuclear components sector. With its covered 25.500 sqm, the...
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