Food & Pharma
Thanks to its high skills on the stainless steel and special alloys tanks manufacturing, Walter Tosto SpA founded the Food & Pharma division, which is fully dedicated on the production of tanks for food and beverages (juices, soft drinks, wine and vegetable oil) and for the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Founded in the year 2000, Food & Pharma, is the new division of Tosto Holdings. It is considered an efficient partner for the most important companies working in the food & beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is completely dedicated to manufacture health related products, with hygiene and health specific needs. The need of total hygiene and cleanliness in this specific branch requires vessels and tanks with specific construction characteristics and high standards.

Our deep experience in these particular fields and our advanced machines, tools and facilities allow to design and manufacture high-quality tanks with specific solutions for mixing, heat exchange, surface finishing and cleaning.

Dynamic and effective, the company has continuously invested in machines and tools which allow the workshops to produce tanks and vessels from 50 litres to 200.000 cubic metres up to 10 meters diameter with a thickness ranging from 1,5 to 190 mm according to PED (CE), U Stamp and U2, TÜV, SVTI-ASIT, SELO, FDA certifications.

All products and production processes are guaranteed by all the international design certifications and by FDA validation documentation.