With over 80 reactors delivered, Walter Tosto SpA is able to manufacture a wide range of reactors which are used in refineries, petrochemical and chemical worldwide plants. Excellent logistics and high technological capabilities allow us to meet the end users' requirements regarding the increasing plants capacity, which require always bigger...
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The Regional Councillor for Education Marinella Sclocco has announced this morning, during the press conference at Abruzzo Region’s headquarter the presentation of the 6 Technical Professional hubs of the region. Walter Tosto SpA is a member of the hub named "Energy, Construction and Dwelling" together with the Superior Technical...
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The Company Policy involves the management of all the activities, in order to ensure to the company organization the improvement of quality standards and to all the members of the organization an adequate level of economic satisfaction and motivation, personal security and consolidation of the future prospects of work and development. In...
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Rotterdam, Netherlands. Shipped in November 2016 from the Port of Ortona (Italy), the three reactors manufactured by Walter Tosto for the Rotterdam Advanced Hydrocracker Project (RAHC Project), arrived at their destination last December and have recently been installed in the Esso Nederland BV plant. The three items have a total weight of 2.000...
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