Banco BPM and Gruppo Tosto: a collaboration coming from the past and looking to the future

Chieti, September 11, 2018. An important delegation of Banco BPM visited  Walter Tosto SpA’s facilities. Luca Pierfelice – C.F.O. and Ginesio Mutignani – Financial Manager of Walter Tosto welcomed the team of Giuseppe Boscaino – Head of Foreign Corporate Market and Fabrizio Tocchi – Corporate Credits Roma. During the meeting, the details of the several ongoing projects between the two organizations were examined. The first one is a big Italian credit institute born from the merger of Banco Popolare and Banca Popolare di Milano, while the last is a young and technological European company.

The Tosto Group represents a very important customer for the Bank and at the same time Banco BPM is considered a strategic partner for the companies of the Group.

After a quick business breakfast, the trust between the bank and the company was renewed and the meeting ended with the expression of mutual respect and appreciation for the professional enthusiasm that marks the long-lasting collaboration of twenty years.

Walter Tosto Fermenters for bioplastic production

Walter Tosto broadens its range of activities in the innovative sector of bioplastic, which is expected to be the natural alternative to the production of polymers derived from petroleum. The company has in fact been chosen by Bio-on as a partner for the construction of a first plant in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), worth € 20 million, where biodegradable plastics will be produced for the cosmetics sector.

Unlike other plants producing traditional plastics, natural bioplastics are made in the Bio-on plant thanks to a process that starts with industrial waste like the molasses remaining from the production of beet sugar. Inside the large fermenters (reactors) manufactured by Walter Tosto, billions of non-pathogenic bacteria feed on this material, synthesizing the bioplastic within them according to a natural process patented by Bio-on. The result is a 100% biodegradable plastic which applications can be found in several sectors: from automotive to electronics, from food and beverage packaging to fibers used in the textile industry.

Walter Tosto supplied Bio-on with the first plant, equipped with two reactors worth 2,8 million euros for the production of biopolymers (PHAs). Furthermore, Bio-on is signing license agreements for the transfer of its technology to produce biodegradable plastic in many countries of the world. Each complete plant needs 10 reactors and Walter Tosto is preparing to face the promising worldwide demand for the installation of these new reactors.

At this purpose, Walter Tosto is diversifying its production line, creating a special division for biotechnology aimed at industrial and pharmaceutical applications. The “good” chemistry is the future of the planet, and participating in this challenge is important not only for the economic return, but also because the Tosto Group will become the protagonist, along with Bio-on, of a supreme social mission.

Aramco recommissions projects with Walter Tosto

Chieti, Italy; August 20 – Walter Tosto, a leading Italian manufacturer of critical, long-lead equipment for the oil and gas sector and other markets, has been designated by Aramco, a world leader in energy and chemicals, for the supply of 8 Vanadium Hydrocracking Reactors for its Riyadh Refinery project.

A delegation from Aramco recently visited Walter Tosto’s workshops in Chieti, Italy.

The Riyadh Refinery is the fourth project commissioned by Aramco to Walter Tosto in three years. This continuity is a clear sign of customer loyalty that confirms the whole team’s good performance,” declared Nicola Trivulzio, Commercial Director of Walter Tosto.

The visit ended with a commitment to strengthen this fruitful collaboration, which also involves adding the other facilities of the Tosto Group (Belleli Energy CPE and Walter Tosto WTB) among the companies qualified to work on upcoming Aramco projects.

Walter Tosto was awarded from the Masters of Labor of Pescara

The delegates of the Italian Masters of Labor Federation delivered a plaque to the CEO of Walter Tosto SpA, Luca Tosto, in recognition of the efforts made in the “School, Work and Safety” project – school year 2017/2018.

In the scope of this collaboration, several students from the technical and professional schools of the region were welcomed in the company for a visit of the manufacturing facilities, accompanied by  Walter Tosto’s technicians and engineers.

We thank the Masters of Labor of Pescara, Luigi Clemente and Rita Bertoncini for the appreciated recognition and for their commitment in carrying out the activities aimed at creating a positive interaction between the school system and the world of work.

Walter Tosto on TV program SuperQuark

Do not miss the nuclear fusion reportage that will talk about our company on SuperQuark tonight! The TV program will be broadcast on Rai Uno at 9:25 p.m.

Enjoy the viewing!

9th Anci National Assembly: Energies in movement

On June 29 and 30 2018, the University of Chieti hosted the annual conference of the young mayors belonging to the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), entitled “Energies in movement”. The aim of the event was to create an opportunity to discuss best practices and future projects, to better meet the needs of citizens and companies.

The Assembly included thematic workshops and round tables that allowed a direct comparison between the main players of the territory.

Luca Tosto, CEO of Walter Tosto SpA, participated in the panel related on collaborations between public and private bodies, where the main issues encountered by the companies were examined and solutions were proposed in order to speed up the bureaucracy. “In order to ride the positive fluctuations of the market, companies have to promptly make investments”, underlined Walter Tosto’s CEO, adding that “Public administrations should be able to provide quick responses to local businesses, overcoming the unproductive coexistence of responsibilities between different roles”.



Our last giant item has been successfully delivered

The 300 tons Vacuum Column shipped from Ortona on April 27 has finally arrived to its destination in Mozyr, Belarus.

The column travelled by vessel from Ortona to Kherson, Ukraine, where it was transhipped to the barge.

The operation was long and very delicate, because due to high level of water, very atypical for this period, the quay was completely under water. In order to pump out the exceeding water, a double dam was created and after the mooring and transhipping phases, the barge sailed on the Dnieper and Pripyat’ rivers.

It arrived to the Mozyr Jetty, where the cargo was rolled out of the barge by modular trailers and delivered to the final destination.


Vacuum Mozyr June 2018 from Walter Tosto Spa on Vimeo.

WT Food & Pharma: Fermenters for bioplastic production have been delivered

The two 100 mc Fermenters for the production of bioplastic (Minerv PHAs) have been delivered. PHAs is a type of plastic which can be used to substitute highly polluting materials such as PET, PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE and it is totally biodegradable in water.
The Bio On Plant business unit of the Bio On company, chose Walter Tosto SpA as a partner and supplier of critical process equipment for its production facility in Castel San Pietro (BO), entirely dedicated to PHAs bioplastics production.
The fermenters / bioreactors are the heart of the plant, which has a capacity dedicated to research and production that can reach 2,000 tons per year.
The Food & Pharma division of Walter Tosto SpA is confirmed as a protagonist in Biotechnology projects and in its industrial and pharmaceutical applications.