A consistent part of the value generated by the companies comes from people. Conscious of this principle, Walter Tosto considers training and professional growth of workers as a fundamental factor. In addition to the continuous learning of its employees, Walter Tosto offers to young people interested in undertaking a professional path, the opportunity to acquire all the necessary skills. Below are a set of courses, training programs and activities organized by the company.


Course for Industry 4.0 Technicians : design and manufacturing of critical systems for the Energy Sector 

The training program was developed thanks to the synergy between Walter Tosto SpA and the foundation “Superior Technical Institute Energy Efficiency of L’Aquila”, which collaboration meets the purpose to satisfy the employment needs of the company on one hand and to develop an high level training program based on the new paradigm of industry 4.0 on the other hand. Walter Tosto SpA, operating in the mechanical - Pressure Equipment sector, designs and manufactures big size technological components which are exported all over the world for important customers of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Energy markets. The participation to the training program is completely free with scholarships available.

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 Corso per Tecnico Superiore Industria 4.0

Work-related learning project

The company has for years welcomed the students of the technical, professional institutes and high school students at their third, fourth and fifth year from the territories of Chieti and Pescara to carry out internship activities established by the work-related learning project. During the (up to 400 hours) training courses, students are followed by experts in the different functional areas of the company.


Mechanical pressure equipment project with the Technical Institute

Walter Tosto actively collaborates with the technical institute L. Savoia of Chieti with which an ad-hoc study path involving the Mechanical address was created, in order to fully reflect the needs of the sector in which the company operates, that is pressure equipment, as well as to allow students to acquire the specific skills needed to enter in the world of work.

Walter Tosto's engineers and technicians were directly involved  in the implementation of the study plans in collaboration with the teachers of the Technical Institute.

The project was activated in September 2017 and is carried out within an experimental class of the mechanical address with declination on pressure equipment.

Walter Tosto also provides to the students a dedicated area located inside the company, along with micro equipment and machinery for simulating business processes and to perform training activities.

More information : http://itiscaldareria.waltertosto.it


Pressure Equipment Operator

Walter Tosto SpA is the first company to promote and activate the Professional Qualification in Pressure Equipment Operator in collaboration with IIS "U Pomilio" of Chieti, AIPE, CNA Abruzzo, CNA Chieti, CCIAA - Chieti, Internationalization Agency, Nexus Srl and Llyod's Register. The qualification was recognized by the Abruzzo Region and it can be obtained at the third year of the professional institute. Subsequently, students have the opportunity to serve an internship in the company.


Welding course

Since 2006, the company carries out a professional training course for welders, divided between practical training (200 hours) and theoretical lessons (20 hours). About 20 young people participate in each edition and 80% of them end up positively the program by becoming a qualified welder, while 50% of the participants are subsequently included in the company's staff.



Master in Pressure Process Equipment: Design and Manufacturing

In 2010, Walter Tosto SpA organized the first master in Pressure Process Equipment: Design and Manufacturing, in collaboration with University of L'Aquila and the Italian Institute of Welding.

In 2012, the second edition was held with 20 participating students, 12 of them are now part of the company’s staff.


Master in Junior Sales Area Manager

The Junior Sales Area Manager (activated in September 2014) was fully organized by Walter Tosto SpA in order to selected the future Sales Managers of the company. Six graduate students attended a 6 month master course which was held for the first part in the areas of quality, design, technical office, welding and workshops, while in the second part of the course the students were included in the commercial area.



Course on Mechanical Design of Pressure Equipment

This is a professional course held in 2014 for 20 students of the last year of the degree in Chemical Engineering at University of L'Aquila. The course, organized with the support of Prof. Foscolo, is related to the Mechanical Design of Pressure Equipment with the aim of providing to the students all the knowledge in pressure and structural design of some common types of equipment.