Innovation is crucial for Company development and growth. Walter Tosto SpA supports various research activities since many years and it is currently involved in the participation of a project supervised by API (American Association Petroleum) on the properties of metals in the welding area; the company also took part to the ITER Fusion for Energy project in the field of nuclear fusion.
Walter Tosto SpA strongly believes in the importance of research and innovation for the growth and development of the Company. Over the past 10 years, in fact, investments in Research & Development totaled a considerable proportion within the total investment plan of the company, amounting to more than € 25 millions.

In 1997 the company took part in a project called Borexino, an international experiment for the observation of solar neutrinos, carried out in the laboratory of the National Research Centre of Gran Sasso in Italy.

Since 2008, the company supports along with other well-known sponsors such as Bechtel, Bohler, Chevron, Doosan, ETC / Air Liquide, Fluor, Honeywell, IHI, Kobelco, Shell, Total and Valero (to mention a few of them), an important research project in the metal properties field under the guidelines of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

In 2010, the first Master in "Pressur Process Equipment: Design and Manufacturing" has been organized in collaboration with University of L'Aquila and the Italian Welding Institute (IIS). The second edition was held in 2012 with the participation of 20 students, 12 of whom have joined the company's staff.

The Company is currently part, through the European consortium AMW (Ansaldo Nucleare SpA, Mangiarotti SpA and Walter Tosto SpA) of the ITER Fusion for Energy program, an R&D project in the field of nuclear fusion which has assumed worldwide relevance. The consortium has been entrusted with the task of carrying out seven areas of the Vacuum Chamber (Vacuum Vessel).