Quality Policy
Quality is one of the pieces de resistance of Walter Tosto SpA. The functional area of Quality is committed to the optimization of each business process in order to ensure high quality standards.

Walter Tosto's Quality Policy involves the management of all the activities and pursues the aim to guarantee quality standards at all the organization levels.

For this purpose, the elements necessary for an accurate planning of the business processes are continuously collected and evaluated.

By following the Quality Management Program, the organization aims to maximize the efficiency of the manufacturing activities and the products quality in order to guarantee full satisfaction of the customers.

Adequate competence and knowhow of the employees are essential requirements to guarantee that the processes are performed in an efficient and successful way.

The availability of the most advanced tools and machinery allow us to obtain the expected quality level and high productivity.

The high quality of the procured materials is another important aspect together with the capability to individuate qualified suppliers and to create strong partnerships with them.

Thanks the strong interaction among all the business functions, the fabrication activities are managed with absolute competence to promptly prevent negative situations and solve any possible issue.

Regular checks of the quality system status and corrective/preventive actions ensure continuous improvement of the organization.