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Walter Tosto SpA is committed to ensure health and safety of the employees working within the Company, as well as environmental protection. In this regard, accurate preventive security measures and defined environmental policy have been implemented, in order to minimize injuries and the environmental impact.
Health and Safety

Walter Tosto SpA makes the security policy an integral part of the general policy of the company. This policy is considered at the same level as productivity, efficiency, quality, environment and other factors of significant importance for the company; it is shared in the workplace, embracing all levels of the organization, in order to eliminate dangerous situations and behaviors that can lead to accidents and injuries. 

Walter Tosto SpA believes that all accidents can be prevented through the application of the best technologies in the workplace and through appropriate training at each organizational level, in order to define and ensure that skills and responsibilities are in line with the vision of continuous improvement.

All the employees are responsible for applying safety policies and they are required to work in a safe manner in order to eliminate any risk of accident. The ultimate goal of security policy is actually obtaining the absence of accidents in the workplace. In this regard, the program Zero Accidents has been performed, establishing an incentive system for the staff, through the allocation of an economic prize if no accidents occur.  
The results obtained after the application of the security policies were remarkable: from 2010 to 2011 accidents were reduced by 46%, in 2012 by 60% and in 2013 by 78%. 

environmental policyHealth and Safety Policy
environmental policy
OHSAS 18001:2007


The strong connection with the territory makes the environmental protection part of the Walter Tosto company's philosophy. For this reason, the company is committed to define, observe and enforce the best practices for the reduction of all possible environmental impacts. This intention was realized by the ISO 14001 certification, which formalizes the respect and protection of the environment by the company, that is committed to reduce the emissions.

Below you can download the document relating to our environmental policy.

environmental policyEnvironmental Policy