With over 50 years of activity and achievements, Walter Tosto SpA is a very far-seeing and future-oriented company, but always deeply connected to its origins.
Founded in 1960 by Mr. Walter Tosto, today the Company is managed by his son Luca, with the support of his sisters Catia and Emanuela. The first activity related to tanks manufacturing for the local wine companies and oil mills (in the 70's) evolved first into the fabrication of pressure vessels for LPG/fuel and then into the production of long lead critical items for the international Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power generation market (1994).

Among the events that mostly contributed to the growth and success of the company there are: 

  • The achievement in 1996 of the first quality certification UNI ENI ISO 9001;
  • The acquisition and restructuring of the Ortona sea-front workshop on the Adriatic sea in 2000, which enabled the optimization of the logistics and the transportation of items of dimensions beyond the standards;
  • The acquisition of Bosco Industrie Meccaniche in 2001 contributed to enhancing the design and manufacturing know-how of heat transfer equipment;
  • Obtaining the N certification for nuclear power in 2011 allowed the company to participate to the ITER project;
  • The acquisition of the nuclear components manufacturing Fecne in Romania, in 2012;
  • The construction of the new workshop in Ortona in 2013, which has allowed the company to build the new Waldrich Coburg Milling Machine, one of the largest 5 axis milling machines, able to work pieces up to 35 meters in lenght, 10 meters in height and 10 meters in depth;
  • The recent establishment of the company Walter Tosto Rus in June 2014 is encouraging business relationships with the stakeholders of the Russian territory.