Walter Tosto's SpA Technical Department develops the Customer's Preliminary Designs in full compliance with the Design Code and end-users requirements.
The full knowledge and the familiarity with all the existing design codes such as ASME, BS 5500, CODAP, Stoomwelzen, AD Merkblatt and GOST allow us to develop the best design, from the  mechanical point of view, for the customer. Furthermore, the in-house presence of FEM experts, together with the several ANSYS licenses, make the Finite Element Analysis a powerful instrument in our hands, for the design of critical parts of the equipment like the forged connection between shell, head and skirt or the thin tubesheet of a Waste Heat Boiler; even 3-dimensional complete FEA models have been developed in-house for particular critical applications.
Beside the mechanical design, Walter Tosto has strong skills for the development of the thermal and fluid-dynamic design of Heat Exchangers for Oil & Gas and Power industry, starting from Process Data Sheets, ensuring all the required guarantees to our customers.

Some of the applicable design - codes and standards 
ASME-VIII Div. 1 ASME-VIII Div. 2 PD5500
AD Merk Blatter 2000 ASME I VSR Stoomwelzen

Computer Aided Design System 
System NamePurposeDeveloper
Finglow Calculation software Finglow Ltd
CATIA V5 3D drawing calculation software Dassault Systemes
Soild Edge 3D drawing calculation software USG
Pro Engineer Parametric 3D drawing program PTS
AutoCAD 2D drawing Program Autodesk
ANSYS Finite Elements Analisys ANSYS
Aspen Suite Heat Exchangers Mec. Design - Shell & Tube Exchanger Design Rating Software Aspentech
Sant'Ambrogio Mechanical calculation software Sant'Ambrogio
PAAC Feedwater Heater and surface condenser thermal design   

Engineering department model and finit analysis element (FEA)
Process engineering Thermal and mechanical engineering Ansys finite element stress analysis