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Open positions

We are looking for a mechanical maintenance technician of industrial machines with at least ten years of experience in the maintenance of machines and equipment with the following requirements:
• excellent expertise in mechanical assembly and disassembly (transmission boxes, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic valves and motors, etc.);
• fair expertise in activities related to machine issues.
To complete the profile, basic skills in the hydraulic, pneumatic, welding and manual turning are appreciated.

The ideal candidate is a university researcher able to manage Europlanning activities. Fluent English is a prerequisite as well as the predisposition and willingness to travel in Italy and abroad.

The ideal candidate is a graduate coming from the technical institutes with a minimum grade of 75/100. The candidate must be able to interpret technical drawings, must have knowledge of measuring instruments (at least caliber and micrometer) and fundamentals of CNC programming (ISO language), have to be interested to the area of mechanical engineering and must have a good knowledge of the English language. Calm combined with an ease approach to the work constitute an excellent profile for this role. 
Experience on lathes/milling machines would be appreciated. For over 25 years old candidates a basic experience in the field is requested.

The ideal candidate has maximum 30 years age and must be graduated with a minimum grade of 80/100, good knowledge of English, optimal attitude to the use of PC and knowledge of technical drawings. The candidate must have the title of International Welding Technologist, a good knowledge of Autocad and pronounced tendency to relations with customers/inspectors. It's requested an experience of at least 3 years and the willingness to travel.

The ideal candidate is a precise and pragmatic person, he has a maximum age of 30 years, with a technical diploma and a good knowledge of English. He must be able to read and interpretate technical drawings, basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and 2D - 3D Autocad software and Catia.
An excellent profile is completed by the knowledge of metrology (tolerances and measurement uncertainties) and experience in the utilization of traditional measurement devices. Experience with non-traditional measurement devices (e.g. laser tracker) and the knowledge of metrology software (e.g. Spatial Analyzer, Polyworks) would be appreciated .  

The ideal candidate, aged between 20 and 30 years, have performed technical studies, have a good knowledge of computer (use of Microsoft Office and at least basic knowledge of Autocad) and English. The quality inspector is a figure employed in the production area and, therefore, he must have the propensity to work in a workshop context, in particular the availability to be a shift worker and the possibility to perform transfers abroad. He must also have good skills in the use of measuring devices and reading technical drawings. An excellent profile is fulfilled by the attitude to teamwork and a good propensity to interpersonal relationships. For profiles over 25 years old, experience in quality control (visual and dimensional inspections with production of pertinent reports) is appreciated.

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